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So you purchased a new computer on Black Friday. That's great. Did you eliminate all of the potential vulnerabilities after you got it up and running? If you didn't your computer is vulnerable to attack. This means you can get a virus if you go to an infected website, EVEN IF YOU HAVE UPDATED ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE!

Chances are the computer you purchased was sitting in a stockroom or warehouse for a few months before you purchased it. This means all of the vulnerabilities have not been patched during that time.

Did you know that Adobe finds vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player (used to play videos) and Adobe Reader (to open and read PDF documents) every month or two?  These two programs are just a few of the programs that need updated frequently to avoid potential attacks to your computer.

A few other programs that need updated frequently are:

AIM ( AOL Instant Messenger)

I can patch all of these programs for you to secure your system. Bring your computer in today. There is a $35 fee for this service and I will have your computer back to you the next business day.


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